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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Here We Go Again Single

Yay finally a new post! So I know its been a long time but here is a new post! I'm will be hoping to do more in the next few month as I have lots of Demi merchandise that I can blog about! Hoping after Christmas I will have more time to post as right now I have started working since I have finished school forever! woo I'm free haha anyway I thought I would have more time since its holidays but now I have a job I have less time anyway this job is super busy around Christmas so I have no time but after Christmas Im going back to 1 blog post a week! haha now onto the Post.

So this is the Here We Go Again Single. I found this on ebay months and months ago and I literally freaked out because It had a buy now of $25 which may sound expensive for a single but this is a pretty rare Demi single since I once saw one sell on ebay for $90 YES $90us dollars! Sound insane right haha anyway So when I saw this one with a buy now and good shipping price I jumped at the change to buy it.
So I guess what Im saying is, if you come across this on ebay or wherever for under $40 buy it! As this really is super rare.
So the single has the same cover as the HWGA full CD but the font colour is all in white! The best thing about the single is the CD! As you can see its Black with Demi's name in pink! I really Love this CD cover and I would say it is my favourite of all Demi CDs haha which she has alot of different ones haha.
So inside the CD there is a pic of Demi from the HWGA photo shoot with again HWGA written on it (above).
The back of the CD just says the track and shows a pic of the empty boat from the HWGA photo shoot! I really love this photo shoot! One of the best Demi has had. So this is another reason I love this single! Also HWGA is m favourite album of all time EVER!!!
So in the first photo (3rd picture) you can see a list, this is all of Demi HWGA tours shows and dates which I thought was pretty cool thing to have in a single! If I had ever been so luckily to see Demi in concert, I would love to have a single that showed the tour date/ the concert I went too haha

So I think that's everything! If you have any question about this single or any Demi merchandise tweet me at @StrongDLovatic or @DemiMerchandise 

PS I am not @StrongLovatic , that is another person and I have nothing to do with her! But She also has super cool merchandise so go look at her twitter anyway!

Stay Strong and Bye for now Grace

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Lovatic Heart Tattoo

    Quick twitter note: If you need to ask me a question about Merchandise or whatever and want a reply on twitter ASAP tweet me on my main/personal twitter @StrongDLovatic which I have my phone send me all tweets too so I will reply fast. As for @DemiMerchandise you can still tweet me on there but Im not really going on @DemiMerchandise as much so Im slow at replying.

If you have a Demi/ Lovatic tattoo I would Love to see it! tweet me at @DemiMerchandise or @StrongDLovatic :D

 So I know I have not done a post in months because I kind of gave up in this Demi blog but its now the summer holidays in NZ so I have heaps of time and thought Maybe I would start up again? Comment down below if you want to see more post because IDK anymore if anyone cares of whatever lol anyway I thought I would post a pic of the tattoo I got along time ago (Yes the one I talked about in my last blog post months ago.

So this is it I got it on Demi's birthday! It was really special because she was turning 20 on the 20th and then in 20 days I would have my 18th birthday! So 20years/ 20th /20days I just thought that was cool.
I got it behind my ear, just in a place were I can see it in the mirror I love it so much! The pic does not do it justice because It was hard to take a picture of behind my ear.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Demi's 20th Birthday Trends & Demi tattoo post

 Demi's 20th Birthday!!
For Demi's birthday a Lovatic came up with the Idea to get all the 10 twitter trends about Demi! I love this Idea & hope that It will work so If you have twitter please tweet these things on Demi's Birthday! x

Next week for Demi's Birthday! I'm so excited I'm getting a Lovatic Heart Tattoo behind my ear! To show how much she inspires me & I LOVE her. The ear because she a music artist and you listen to music in you ears (I know I could have said that better lol) Anyway Its super exciting because I will be getting it done on her birthday (US Time) and that will be the 20th and she will be turning 20 & I 20 days I will be turning 18! (Yup I'm 17 if you were wondering) So it will be like #20years #20th & #20Days
                                                              So anyway onto the post.

Demi Lovato Live CD & DVD Walmart Soundcheck

So as requested I am going to go though each of the cd I showed in my Demi CD collection post. I have a few up already if you go look at some of my older posts. But I thought I would take some pics of the Live Walmart soundcheck only available at walmart (I bought mine on amazon ages ago) but you can still buy it at wallmart if you want to get it. Not sure if you can still buy it online but I guessing you can. Its not to expensive and total worth it since you get a A dvd & cd of Demi Live and I just Love the cd cover & back. If you have any question about it just comment below or tweet me @DemiMerchandise :)  Oh & yes some of these pics do have effect on them If you wondering lol I really need to get a better camera then my ipod but the only camera I have sucks & I lost the cord to plug it in, So sorry about the quality of all my posts.

Top pics are like the cd booklet only 2 pages


Friday, 27 July 2012

Demi Lovato Merchandise For Less

                      Demi Lovato Merchandise For Less! Demi Photo Frames

So for those Lovatics out their with lots of pics of Demi but not very many poster, this ones for you.
I made this Demi collage out of magazine clippings.  So if you want to make ones of these all you will need is a photo frame and some pics of Demi. I absolutely love this one because it is inspirational and it has all my favourite pics of Demi, MC D Love, old Demi with black hair and of course Demi from the Skyscraper video which also happens to be one of my all time favourite pics of Demi. Then it had Demi Stay Strong tattoos and Love Is Louder then the pressure to be perfect. All together I think they look amazing specially since all the pics have blue in them, I would recommend trying to find pics with they same colours since photo frames generally aren't that big so you will only need a couple of pics. Also I love this one because it goes super well with the decor in my room.

Another pic of the Demi photo frame showing more of the photo frame lol

So here is another Demi photo frame I LOVE this one because It has Demi and dogs(not that I'm a big animal person, but its still cute). Oh and I LOVE this frame so much & the best part is that it coasted $4. Hence the Demi merchandise for less. So this was the only pic I could find that would fit the frame lol I went through like 500 pics of Demi so it was strange that I could only find this one but anyways It was good because I have 2 copy's of the People magazine that this came out of so I still have the whole article. :)

& Here are the two photo frames together. Ahh I Love them!
If you have any question just tweet me @DemiMerchandise

ps I live in New Zealand, so I didn't think there was any point telling you were I bought the frames but if you really want to know ( if you are a New Zealand Lovatic) tweet me @demiMerchandise

Stay Strong x
Demi Lovato exact Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs bag!

So Below is a candid of Demi out about in LA, in a car park. So why am I posting this pic well I thought I would talk about the bag Demi is wearing in this pic. So Yes I do own this bag that's in the pic and yes I do Love it.

Every day will be picture perfect when you carry the Marc by Marc Jacobs Preppy camera bag. Constructed of luxe buffalo leather, it features an exterior slip pocket and three interior slip and zip pockets for organizational ease.
Note: I did not write this it came off the website I bought it from.

So here is a pic off my bag.
So the second i Saw Demi wearing this bag, I just loved it. Then one day I was on Demi Style Source I came across this bag for sale on endless.com and when I saw that they ship to NZ, I just had to buy it. I mean It was a Demi exact that I could keep and use forever. I was even more happy when I saw how much she used it in 2011.
The brand is Marc By Marc Jacobs, as it says in the picture with New York below it.
So if you are wanting to buy this bag its called Marc by Marc Jacobs Preppy Leather Camera Bag, at a cost of $278 which is quite cheap as when it first came out (more then a yea ago) it was $375. Because this bag came out in Marc Jacobs collection awhile ago, the colour black is no longer available (online).
Here are so more pictures of Demi using the bag through 2011-2012

As you can see she uses this bag Allot! If you go look at the candids of Demi in 2011 you will see this is the bag she uses the most. You can see she has had this bag for a long time as her hair has changed colour in most of the pics.

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012
There are a lot more candids of Demi using this bag but I thought I would show these ones because you can see the bag really well.

So here is another picture of my mine with the Marc Jacobs pouch that the bag comes with to keep it clean. 
If you are wondering I did pay for this bag myself as I have a part time job
it is my first time buying something so expensive(I'm 17 lol) and I had to pay NZ
dollar for it.
So if you are wanting to buy this bag, here are some facts about it that come from the website I bought it off.

So here is a professionally taken pic of the Marc By Marc Jacobs Bag

So where can you buy this bag, Well Endless.com has this bag for sale (in the colour stone) and after doing some research I also found the Barneys New York also has the bag for sale for the same price of $278 on there website in the same colour. After searching I could not find it for sale anymore in the same colour as Demi's & mine (black) sorry. But as this bag is so cute anyways I think the sand colour is great as well.
So here are the facts about the bag.
  • Leather
  • Logoed lining (Which makes the bag look more expensive)

Item Details:
  • 6.25" high
  • 9.25" wide
  • 2.25" deep
  • 19.5" shoulder drop

  • Zipper closure
  • Strap is adjustable from a drop of 15.5'' to 23.5''

  • So here is one last pic of Demi with this bag :)
    If you have any Q just ask or if you want to see a pic of inside the handbag I would be happy to show you one. :)
    PS Don't You just love Demi's Style and If you want to know where you can find more of Demi's cloths go cheek out DemiStyleSource.com

    Demi exact Feather Necklace

    This is my necklace. Same as the Demi's.
    So this is a feather necklace from Urban Outfitters that Demi has. The necklace is a rusty gold colour and has a long chain with 11 ombre white and brown/orange feathers hanging of it. You can see she is wearing this necklace above and below. I got this shipped to me from urban outfitter website for I think $35. I bought this necklace in 2011 so I'm not sure if UO still sells it.

    Demi wearing the necklace

    Demi Lovato at Kim Kardashian's bridal shower wearing feather necklace.

    Demi out bowling with UO necklace on.

    Note: I LOVE Demi's style and get a lot of inspiration from it. So if I find something on a website that Demi has and can ship to NZ, I most of the time buy it. I really highly recommend buying Demi exacts since Demi does not wear that many expensive things and there is just something about having the same cloths/jewellery as Demi that makes me really happy. I do get that its not some Lovatics thing... But I wanted to show some Demi exacts that have shipping world wide, as you can find alot of the staff Demi wears in the US but they do not ship to other country, so this is 1 item that does. So I'm not trying to brag.

    Want more Demi exacts and Inspirations go cheek out OutfitIdentifier.com or or DemiStyleSource.com

    Friday, 13 July 2012

    Stay Strong/Demi Lovato bracelets

    Stay Strong & Demi Lovato wristbands in lilac Purple & black writing  and in black with purple writing. They come in thin band and a thick band (you choice) I choose thin because you can get thick Stay Strong bracelets from DemiStyleSource. I have to say I like these better with the thin band and also the fact that the other side say Demi Lovato. Now for the best bit about these bracelets the price. You can buy these 2 wristbands for I think around $7.50 + free shipping, they are not for sale separately so you will get the black & purple bracelets as a combo. which is a big plus since DemiStyleSource bracelets are $7 for one + like $5 shipping.
    You can buy these of Ebay just search Demi Lovato/Stay Strong wristband.

    #Note: The person selling these on Ebay has just added a new Bracelets LOVE IS LOUDER THEN THE PRESSURE TO BE PERFECT! which I bought today they only come in thick band which I don't like that much but I so excited about this wristband because they have a copyright on the Love is Louder so I don't know how long these will be selling for as they really should not be selling them. BTW these bracelets come in Blue & Purple I got the purple and I will post a blog on it when they come.
    Till then tweet me at @DemiMerchandise

    Thursday, 5 July 2012

    My Demi Lovato CD Collection

    My CD Collection ( Updated)
    This also have DVD as well as CD. I do have more CD them this but the disc look the same so there not in the pics.

    My CD Collection (Not Updated)
    So these are the Demi CD I own Hehe. I took this picture last year, so I have quite a few more but I'm to lazy to take a New Picture( Lol changed my mind decided to do an updated pic) . Below is a picture I found of someone else CD collection and after seeing it I went & got the ones that I'm missing so I now have the all the CD with  the hearts on them, I also have a few CD that arn't shown in any pictures.

    Btw I don't buy Demi CD's that she has only 1 song in eg We the Kings,Jonas Brother, HCR, Disney CD ect.. So that's why I thought you would like to see this picture.
    Not my cds but this pic looks so cool.

    Note: I never buy the same CD so all of the CD In the top photo are different even though some of them look the same but they prob have extra songs on them or there singles.

    If you have any question on the names of the CD of where they come from,  just comment below or ask me on my twitter @DemiMerchandise as the photos does not show the names very well. 

    Monday, 18 June 2012

    Demi on the cover Creme (New Zealand magazine from 2010)

    So this is the article inside the magazine it is a 3 page spread & I thought since it came from a New Zealand magazine not a lot of people would have seen it. but anyways this came out along time ago so you cant buy it anymore but I thought these pictures looks cool so I thought might as well post it. Anyways I have heaps more Demi merchandise that I need to blog about so I'm not going to say much about it lol.

    Stay Strong <3

    Friday, 8 June 2012

    Here We Go Again Special Edition CD + DVD

    Demi Lovato Here We Go Again Deluxe Brazilian edition of the CD, which includes a DVD. Rare & hard to find. If you want to buy this your in luck but its gonna cost you because one has just come up on ebay for $40us buy now + $20 shipping, brand new still factor sealed. The DVD is all region code so no matte where you live this will play on your DVD player! As you can see above the CD is the same as the Here We Go Again black & Green but the DVD disc is gray & pink! Which looks so cute!  

    1. Here We Go Again
    2. Solo
    3. U Got Nothin' On Me
    4. Falling Over Me
    5. Quiet
    6. Catch Me
    7. Every Time You Lie
    8. Got Dynamite
    9. Stop The World
    10. World Of Chances
    11. Remember December
    12. Everything You're Not
    13. Gift Of A Friend
    14. So Far So Great

    1. La La Land
    2. Get Back
    3. Dont Forget
    4. Here We Go Again
    5. Trainwreck
    6. Untill You Are Mine
    7. Two Worlds Collide
    8. Remember December
    9. Party
    This is a great thing to add to your collection if you are a Lovatic and its really nicely done with a 3 page album booklet showing the songs on the album & the live performance at wemberly.
    All picture are the same as the Here We Go Again album but bigger. 
    I'm not sure if its meant to be but you can take the cover out and uses it as a poster if you want as it has a nice big picture of Demi (above right corner). 
    Wouldn't Change A Thing Demi Lovato!

                  Camp Rock 2 the final jam single featuring Stanfour! 2 track single of Wouldn't change a thing and Wouldn't Change A Thing with Joe Jonas from the Camp Rock 2 CD!
                                                      Available on amazon for around $8 from a seller. I got mine new for $5 from amazon itself (not a seller) but that was the last one left, but saying that this seems to come in & out of stock a lot, so I might come back in stock again.

    Saturday, 2 June 2012

    Hi I thought I would just say I quick note about request for Demi merchandise blogs, If you have any Demi staff you are thinking about buying and would like to see a blog post about it please tweet me @DemiMerchandise as I have a lot of Demi merchandise and might be able to help.  Also if you know of any cool Demi merchandise tweet me as I would love to know about it.
    That's all, now onto the Blog.

     Be Like A Pop Star with Demi Lovato

    Dance Like...Sing Like...Be like a pop star with Demi lovato.
    So this is a very old DVD of Demi, I think it came out in 2004. It has a very low budget which you will see when you watch it. The dancing part of it is a little bit cheesy and not very well done. But it does have an interview with young Demi which was good and I Love seeing Demi so young & cute. This is a really cheap DVD like around $3 to buy on amazon. So if you don't like it your not really losing much.

    Product Description
    The road to stardom is always a unique journey. Demi Lovato s journey started back in Dallas and ended up in Camp Rock. Be Like a Pop Star shows and teaches you the hip hop dance moves and singing style Demi used in her first music video. This dance style is great for both beginners and intermediates alike and is seen in many of today s music videos. This new DVD contains Demi Lovato s first music video called Moves Me and includes a bonus CD of her first original hit single Moves Me.
    So it comes with the Single Moves Me and a DVD of  Demi first music video moves me, which really makes it worth buying it since you can just watch the DVD/interview on ebay.

    There is also another dance dvd with Demi in it called Off Da Hook F-Troop Style with Demi staring as the main dancer and the same back up dancer. I do not own this but thought I would show you because I Just found it like a min ago when I was searching about this dvd, I had no idea that this existed  so I don't know if its any good (prob not since its just dancing) so not as much Demi in it and with how bad the dancing bit of Be Like A Pop Star with Demi Lovato was I don't think I will be buying this. But this DVD is also cheap ($4US) So if you buy it, please tell me what you thought of it.
    Not the best pic, but the only one I could find of this DVD. Doesnt look that good to be honest.
    Okay I think that's everything, If you have any Question or any request please tweet me @DemiMerchandise

    Stay Strong Lovatics

    Thursday, 24 May 2012

    Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez: The Complete Unofficial Story of the BFFs by Lucy Rutherford

                                              This is a book for all us Delena fans out there! 
    Paperback, 160 pages all about Demi & Sel.
    Released in 2009

    Packed with plenty of full-colour photos, this complete guide to the lives and careers of two of Disney’s biggest stars—Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez—details their rise to fame from their early days becoming best friends on the set of Barney and Friends to touring with the Jonas Brothers and finally securing record deals of their own. Including sections on their hit shows Sonny with a Chance and Wizards of Waverly Place as well as Camp Rock, their music, and their upcoming Disney channel original movie Princess Protection Program, this all-inclusive reference explores their family life, what they were like growing up, their first roles, their hit shows and cast mates, and their famous best friends. Going behind the bright lights and glamour, this delightful account reveals the ordinary Texan girls who have remained true to their roots and to each other.

     So its not very up to date but with so many high gloss pics of Demi, its just a must for any Lovatic! The book is broken up into chapters with one chapter being about Dems and the next chapter about Sel, So even if your not a big fan of Selena, you can miss most of her bits but   the last chapters are about them both.
    I bought this book online back in 2009, so I can't remember how much I payed for it but I bought it of fishpond (Its Like Amazon, but NZ) and I know you can still buy it on Amazon for cheap. 

    I really wish someone would release a new book about Demi with lots of candids of her from 2011 -2012, as I hardly have any pics of her from last year. So if anyone knows about any Demi books with good 2010+ pictures please comment or tweet me at @DemiMerchandise

    Stay Strong <3

    Wednesday, 16 May 2012

                        Demi Lovato UNBROKEN Deluxe Edition!

    So I got this in the mail today! I have been wanting the Unbroken Deluxe Edition since Unbroken came out last year on the 19th of September ( It came out 2 days before the US in New Zealand) 

    Unbroken Deluxe Edition is only available in Japan, so because of this it is very expensive and there are very few places to buy it. I know this CD has been out for awhile but I have been putting of buying it, in hope that the price would come down, But it never did. Last week I decided to finally get it. I bought it for $43US + plus shipping. To me this is very expensive especially since its in US dollars.

    Just like most of the Demi's Japanese albums it comes with a Japanese album booklet ( In the above pic) which has a photocopied cover of the album in black & white, with a little message (above) to her fans. Just like the Don't Forget Japanese Import.

    So what does Unbroken DE have that the normal CD does not have. Well first it has 2 extra songs Aftershock & Yes I Am. It has a DVD with the Skyscraper Music Video, the making of the Skyscraper music & the Unbroken photo shoot and a track by track talk though with Demi.
    I was a little disappointment with the DVD as the whole thing was only 15min long.
    As for the CD it self well It doesn't have to many difference other then the cover been the picture for the skyscraper music video. The DVD disk is a different colour to the original CD as it is a very dark brown with brown writing instead of the white writing (DVD is in the pic directly above).

    So you can also buy Unbroken Japanese Import, which has the same cover as the Deluxe edition but without the the DVD. It still has the 2 extra songs and is a a bit cheaper then the Japanese Deluxe edition. So that always an option.

    You can buy this CD/DVD on eBay ( sadly there is only 1 person who sells it on here) but he does worldwide shipping.
    You can also buy it on Amazon from again 1 seller, but its a little more expensive so  if you can't find it on eBay, try amazon and yes this person also sells it worldwide.
    You can also find the Unbroken Japanese Import on Ebay & Amazon too.