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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Here We Go Again Single

Yay finally a new post! So I know its been a long time but here is a new post! I'm will be hoping to do more in the next few month as I have lots of Demi merchandise that I can blog about! Hoping after Christmas I will have more time to post as right now I have started working since I have finished school forever! woo I'm free haha anyway I thought I would have more time since its holidays but now I have a job I have less time anyway this job is super busy around Christmas so I have no time but after Christmas Im going back to 1 blog post a week! haha now onto the Post.

So this is the Here We Go Again Single. I found this on ebay months and months ago and I literally freaked out because It had a buy now of $25 which may sound expensive for a single but this is a pretty rare Demi single since I once saw one sell on ebay for $90 YES $90us dollars! Sound insane right haha anyway So when I saw this one with a buy now and good shipping price I jumped at the change to buy it.
So I guess what Im saying is, if you come across this on ebay or wherever for under $40 buy it! As this really is super rare.
So the single has the same cover as the HWGA full CD but the font colour is all in white! The best thing about the single is the CD! As you can see its Black with Demi's name in pink! I really Love this CD cover and I would say it is my favourite of all Demi CDs haha which she has alot of different ones haha.
So inside the CD there is a pic of Demi from the HWGA photo shoot with again HWGA written on it (above).
The back of the CD just says the track and shows a pic of the empty boat from the HWGA photo shoot! I really love this photo shoot! One of the best Demi has had. So this is another reason I love this single! Also HWGA is m favourite album of all time EVER!!!
So in the first photo (3rd picture) you can see a list, this is all of Demi HWGA tours shows and dates which I thought was pretty cool thing to have in a single! If I had ever been so luckily to see Demi in concert, I would love to have a single that showed the tour date/ the concert I went too haha

So I think that's everything! If you have any question about this single or any Demi merchandise tweet me at @StrongDLovatic or @DemiMerchandise 

PS I am not @StrongLovatic , that is another person and I have nothing to do with her! But She also has super cool merchandise so go look at her twitter anyway!

Stay Strong and Bye for now Grace