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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Hi I thought I would just say I quick note about request for Demi merchandise blogs, If you have any Demi staff you are thinking about buying and would like to see a blog post about it please tweet me @DemiMerchandise as I have a lot of Demi merchandise and might be able to help.  Also if you know of any cool Demi merchandise tweet me as I would love to know about it.
That's all, now onto the Blog.

 Be Like A Pop Star with Demi Lovato

Dance Like...Sing Like...Be like a pop star with Demi lovato.
So this is a very old DVD of Demi, I think it came out in 2004. It has a very low budget which you will see when you watch it. The dancing part of it is a little bit cheesy and not very well done. But it does have an interview with young Demi which was good and I Love seeing Demi so young & cute. This is a really cheap DVD like around $3 to buy on amazon. So if you don't like it your not really losing much.

Product Description
The road to stardom is always a unique journey. Demi Lovato s journey started back in Dallas and ended up in Camp Rock. Be Like a Pop Star shows and teaches you the hip hop dance moves and singing style Demi used in her first music video. This dance style is great for both beginners and intermediates alike and is seen in many of today s music videos. This new DVD contains Demi Lovato s first music video called Moves Me and includes a bonus CD of her first original hit single Moves Me.
So it comes with the Single Moves Me and a DVD of  Demi first music video moves me, which really makes it worth buying it since you can just watch the DVD/interview on ebay.

There is also another dance dvd with Demi in it called Off Da Hook F-Troop Style with Demi staring as the main dancer and the same back up dancer. I do not own this but thought I would show you because I Just found it like a min ago when I was searching about this dvd, I had no idea that this existed  so I don't know if its any good (prob not since its just dancing) so not as much Demi in it and with how bad the dancing bit of Be Like A Pop Star with Demi Lovato was I don't think I will be buying this. But this DVD is also cheap ($4US) So if you buy it, please tell me what you thought of it.
Not the best pic, but the only one I could find of this DVD. Doesnt look that good to be honest.
Okay I think that's everything, If you have any Question or any request please tweet me @DemiMerchandise

Stay Strong Lovatics


  1. fav blog!! i love demi, check out mine


  2. I have this... and I wouldn't say it's worth it. I only paid $6 but I still skipped everything till where Demi came in. :p