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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Demi Lovato Bracelets

Demi Lovato Bracelets

Note: Rise Like a Skyscraper has some buildings and skyscraper on back.
Demi Lovato bracelets!

You can purchase these on DemiStyleSource.com for US $7. These are just the ones I have. But there a lot more to choose from online. These are just the perfect gift for any Lovatic :D With things on them like Stay Strong and I believe in Me, they are all very inspiring and I love how when I having a bad day I can look at my wrist and see a piece of Demi there. :)  So if your looking to buy some Demi merch, I would say this is the best choice and she ships world wide( starting at $5.50) so everyone can buy them. She uses Pay Pal so its all safe.

Note: The Lovatic bracelet has Demi signature heart on the the back.

As you can see she has a Stay Strong bracelet with a Lovatic heart just like Demi's tattoo. This bracelet cost $8 as $1 goes to charity. You may also have seen this bracelet on Demi's Stay Strong doc.

If you have any more Question go ask her on twitter @DemiStyleSource


  1. do you know if they also ship to europe?

    1. Yes she does, she ships everywhere starting at $5 :)

  2. How much are they in pounds?

  3. this website doesnt work, i cant order them from australia HELPPPP

  4. the website isn't working I'm from Louisiana USA helpppp