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Friday, 27 July 2012

Demi exact Feather Necklace

This is my necklace. Same as the Demi's.
So this is a feather necklace from Urban Outfitters that Demi has. The necklace is a rusty gold colour and has a long chain with 11 ombre white and brown/orange feathers hanging of it. You can see she is wearing this necklace above and below. I got this shipped to me from urban outfitter website for I think $35. I bought this necklace in 2011 so I'm not sure if UO still sells it.

Demi wearing the necklace

Demi Lovato at Kim Kardashian's bridal shower wearing feather necklace.

Demi out bowling with UO necklace on.

Note: I LOVE Demi's style and get a lot of inspiration from it. So if I find something on a website that Demi has and can ship to NZ, I most of the time buy it. I really highly recommend buying Demi exacts since Demi does not wear that many expensive things and there is just something about having the same cloths/jewellery as Demi that makes me really happy. I do get that its not some Lovatics thing... But I wanted to show some Demi exacts that have shipping world wide, as you can find alot of the staff Demi wears in the US but they do not ship to other country, so this is 1 item that does. So I'm not trying to brag.

Want more Demi exacts and Inspirations go cheek out OutfitIdentifier.com or or DemiStyleSource.com

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