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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Demi's 20th Birthday Trends & Demi tattoo post

 Demi's 20th Birthday!!
For Demi's birthday a Lovatic came up with the Idea to get all the 10 twitter trends about Demi! I love this Idea & hope that It will work so If you have twitter please tweet these things on Demi's Birthday! x

Next week for Demi's Birthday! I'm so excited I'm getting a Lovatic Heart Tattoo behind my ear! To show how much she inspires me & I LOVE her. The ear because she a music artist and you listen to music in you ears (I know I could have said that better lol) Anyway Its super exciting because I will be getting it done on her birthday (US Time) and that will be the 20th and she will be turning 20 & I 20 days I will be turning 18! (Yup I'm 17 if you were wondering) So it will be like #20years #20th & #20Days
                                                              So anyway onto the post.

Demi Lovato Live CD & DVD Walmart Soundcheck

So as requested I am going to go though each of the cd I showed in my Demi CD collection post. I have a few up already if you go look at some of my older posts. But I thought I would take some pics of the Live Walmart soundcheck only available at walmart (I bought mine on amazon ages ago) but you can still buy it at wallmart if you want to get it. Not sure if you can still buy it online but I guessing you can. Its not to expensive and total worth it since you get a A dvd & cd of Demi Live and I just Love the cd cover & back. If you have any question about it just comment below or tweet me @DemiMerchandise :)  Oh & yes some of these pics do have effect on them If you wondering lol I really need to get a better camera then my ipod but the only camera I have sucks & I lost the cord to plug it in, So sorry about the quality of all my posts.

Top pics are like the cd booklet only 2 pages



  1. Do you have the We'll Be A Dream single? :)And I see on your twitter you know where to get all Demi stuff, do you know where I can get Remember December single? Thanks

    1. Hi, nope I don't have the We'll Be A Dream single since It does not have a picture of Demi on the cover so I dont really see the point and I have not come across it, anyway The remember Decemeber single is really rare but it comes up on ebay sometimes. If it has a buy now I would buy it straight away because I have seen it sell for like $50 onces :) hope this helps.

  2. It does, thank you so much. :)