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Friday, 13 July 2012

Stay Strong/Demi Lovato bracelets

Stay Strong & Demi Lovato wristbands in lilac Purple & black writing  and in black with purple writing. They come in thin band and a thick band (you choice) I choose thin because you can get thick Stay Strong bracelets from DemiStyleSource. I have to say I like these better with the thin band and also the fact that the other side say Demi Lovato. Now for the best bit about these bracelets the price. You can buy these 2 wristbands for I think around $7.50 + free shipping, they are not for sale separately so you will get the black & purple bracelets as a combo. which is a big plus since DemiStyleSource bracelets are $7 for one + like $5 shipping.
You can buy these of Ebay just search Demi Lovato/Stay Strong wristband.

#Note: The person selling these on Ebay has just added a new Bracelets LOVE IS LOUDER THEN THE PRESSURE TO BE PERFECT! which I bought today they only come in thick band which I don't like that much but I so excited about this wristband because they have a copyright on the Love is Louder so I don't know how long these will be selling for as they really should not be selling them. BTW these bracelets come in Blue & Purple I got the purple and I will post a blog on it when they come.
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  1. I love demi lovato omg shes perfect she saved my life this website is perfection