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Thursday, 5 July 2012

My Demi Lovato CD Collection

My CD Collection ( Updated)
This also have DVD as well as CD. I do have more CD them this but the disc look the same so there not in the pics.

My CD Collection (Not Updated)
So these are the Demi CD I own Hehe. I took this picture last year, so I have quite a few more but I'm to lazy to take a New Picture( Lol changed my mind decided to do an updated pic) . Below is a picture I found of someone else CD collection and after seeing it I went & got the ones that I'm missing so I now have the all the CD with  the hearts on them, I also have a few CD that arn't shown in any pictures.

Btw I don't buy Demi CD's that she has only 1 song in eg We the Kings,Jonas Brother, HCR, Disney CD ect.. So that's why I thought you would like to see this picture.

Not my cds but this pic looks so cool.

Note: I never buy the same CD so all of the CD In the top photo are different even though some of them look the same but they prob have extra songs on them or there singles.

If you have any question on the names of the CD of where they come from,  just comment below or ask me on my twitter @DemiMerchandise as the photos does not show the names very well. 


  1. hi could you introduce your CDs one by one?they are so cool ((:

    1. Yes sure! I have done a few of them in my post so if you got to older post you will see them & thanks :D