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Monday, 22 July 2013

UPDATED Demi CD Collection

So this is my updated Demi CD Collection. Aka all the CD disc and DVD disc I have. If you want to know which CD/dvd/single any of disc are from just tweet me @DemiMerchandise or @strondlovatic (if you want a fast reply haha)

I wonder if Demi or her family has all the CDs edition that they have come out with lol I feel like she might not even know all these exists. haha   

Monday, 15 July 2013


                                                     Demi CD & Review 

                                So most of you will already own this CD so theirs not much to see but I thought I would blog it anyway since I have the photo of the CD on my phone already and I need to do more blog posts. So because you would have seen this CD before I thought I would do a review.

Lets start with 10/10 stars! OMG this album is amazing, I LOVE all the songs on it truly. The beat to these songs just get stuck in your head and you just have to LOVE this album! Heart Attack has been playing on the radio in NZ and has had some great reviews and now Demi next single Made In The USA is playing on the radio. These are two amazing songs on the album. Warrior is another song which is said to be the sequels to Skyscraper and thats true. Its a beautiful song on the album, that just makes you feel... Strong.
 The album came out when I was going through a tough time with my mum being very sick and this song gave me so much strength not to let anything get to me or make me feel weak and it worked I didn't break or feel sorry for myself I Stayed Strong & listened to Demi. Anyway what I was saying is this song helped a lot and just makes the album.

As for some other favourite songs on the album. I LOVE Something that we're not and I hate you don't leave me, Which is a bonus on a target cd or somthing. Sadly it wasn't on the NZ version/you can't buy Demi with that extra song on it in NZ but I still LOVE that song!

Im so glad Demi helped write almost all the songs on the album! the music is better and more personal because of it.  All in all this is one of my top 5 favorite albums of all time! and is a tie between HWGA and  DEMI for which one I like more! SUCH GOOD MUSIC DEMI!

                                                So  here are the pics of the CD Demi by Demi Lovato.

The outside cover and inside cover. So you may see the silver sticker in the bottom right corner. I should have taken a closer picture hahha. but it says with the hits Heart Attack, MITUSA and Without the Love. We already knew that Heart Attack was a single and that Made in the USA was the next single but Without The Love I didn't know anything about. So maybe that't her 3rd single, otherwise why would they put that on the sticker. but I guess we will find out in the end what her third single is. but my moneys on Without The Love. 

These are some pics I took at work on a May the 9th (Thursday) a day before the album came out in New Zealand Stores and way before the US got it! YAY NZ! . If you were wondering I got to get it early because I work at a place that sells cd's and we always get stock like cd the day before they come out. but it wasn't that big a deal since Demi put all the songs online anyway haha. but talking about CD release dates, Selena Gomez Stars Dance album comes out this week! aka Thursday for me but Friday for the rest of NZ ( so excited :) ) 

oh and yes I GET Super EXCITED about the fact that CDs come out sooner in NZ then they do in the USA! actually NZ has an amazing track record for CDs coming out first! ie UNBROKEN came out in NZ before any other country! So THANKS universal music for the early releases on CD's. 

So thats the CD

Also if you haven't already noticed my camera quality has gotten better for blog posts since Im now taking pictures with an Iphone 5 not an ipod. So i'm considering re-taking pics of blog post that were kind of popular so they will be better quality since some of them are just crap pics lol :p . idk maybe.

                                                   Hopefully more Blog post soon. Bye 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

La La Land Single

So I know its been awhile since I have done a blog post and I just wanted to do a quick post haha! 
Im hoping to do more soon, so if you have anything you want to see Please ask! haha also go check out my instagram Gracie4407 maybe :) 

So above is a single from Don't Forget that I bought 2 years ago on amazon! The case is slim like the classic singles were back then! 

The CD is done in the same style as the album with the white and Red/Black font. 

The single comes with 2 songs on it, La La Land ( ofcourse) and This Is Me 

So the single does not have a back picture like most singles but just the cd, Demi has a few singles like this, so if you get it, just know that.  just the CD. 

These singles are Very Rare these days so if you can get your hands on one i recommended buying them since there a super good thing to add to your Lovatic collection  

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Don't Forget Deluxe Edition

Don't Forget Deluxe edition digipak vs hard case 

So a lot of you will know the Don't Forget deluxe edition but what you might not know is that it comes in to cases. The common one is the the digipak, the one from the photo above,its the one were you cant crack the case which is good. My one is super old and the edges are a bit warn, in fact this was the first thing I ever bought online which is cool since i'm now a huge online shopper so thanks Demi for starting my online shopping obsession haha I got it from fishpond after spending ages trying to track it down I remember I was so excited and freaking out that I kind of over payed haha but fishpond is a New Zealand website that at the time was not that big so I was just happy to find it since I could not find it anywhere else. I think i payed like $40nz or something but it was so worth it since it was my first cd that was not one you could find in stores (well NZ stores anyway) 

So this is what the inside of the CDs looks like it has 2 extra songs, and DVD disc full with music videos, photo ect, the album booklet on the digipak has Demi wearing the gold glitter top and black pants where as the hard copy does not have this picture. Or this pic 

So I would chose the digipak over the hard copy so you can get those extra pics of Demi haha 
Anyway I really love the photo shoot for Don't Forget deluxe edition, like the whole cd is just amazingly done.

You can buy this on ebay and amazon and maybe even still in stores if you live in the US, I would highly recommend buying this CD even if you don't collect all of Demi cd's just the main ones I would add this to your collection as you can find it for a good price and its really is one the coolest looking albums like ever haha   

So this is the back of the two cds Left top is from the hard cover cd and the top right is from the digipak case the bottom left is digipak case and the right is the hard case ie the normal cd case. If you have any question on this Cd's just tweet me @StrongDLovatic 

Thursday, 17 January 2013


Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect bracelets. the back of the bracelet/s has a heart that reminds me of the tattoo on Demi's wrist. The one that she got for us Lovatics <3 Heres the link to buy them of ebay http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=p5197.m570.l1313&_nkw=Demi+lovato+single&_sacat=0&_from=R40 they come in two different colours to choose from. I own the black and white ones with purple but you can also get them in blue. You can buy them for $6.90 each US dollars plus shipping for your country cost which costed me $4,90. to ship to NZ. You can also get both colours of purple or blue for $10.87US so 2 bracelets of either purple or blue with white and black. DemiStyleSource sells there bracelets for $7 each but her shipping cost more so if your an elastic consumer this may be a better choice. Also if you wanted a blue one and a purple one I'm sure if you contacted the seller he would set up an auction for you with those two colours. The bracelets are a bit thinner than the DemiStyleSource bracelets like in terms of width. The are one inch if you were wondering, If you want anymore info on them check out the link above.

Note: the seller also sells Stay Strong bracelets in 1inch and in half an inch. You can find them in the link above. Okay I think thats everything if you have anymore question just comment or tweet me.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Here We Go Again Single

Yay finally a new post! So I know its been a long time but here is a new post! I'm will be hoping to do more in the next few month as I have lots of Demi merchandise that I can blog about! Hoping after Christmas I will have more time to post as right now I have started working since I have finished school forever! woo I'm free haha anyway I thought I would have more time since its holidays but now I have a job I have less time anyway this job is super busy around Christmas so I have no time but after Christmas Im going back to 1 blog post a week! haha now onto the Post.

So this is the Here We Go Again Single. I found this on ebay months and months ago and I literally freaked out because It had a buy now of $25 which may sound expensive for a single but this is a pretty rare Demi single since I once saw one sell on ebay for $90 YES $90us dollars! Sound insane right haha anyway So when I saw this one with a buy now and good shipping price I jumped at the change to buy it.
So I guess what Im saying is, if you come across this on ebay or wherever for under $40 buy it! As this really is super rare.
So the single has the same cover as the HWGA full CD but the font colour is all in white! The best thing about the single is the CD! As you can see its Black with Demi's name in pink! I really Love this CD cover and I would say it is my favourite of all Demi CDs haha which she has alot of different ones haha.
So inside the CD there is a pic of Demi from the HWGA photo shoot with again HWGA written on it (above).
The back of the CD just says the track and shows a pic of the empty boat from the HWGA photo shoot! I really love this photo shoot! One of the best Demi has had. So this is another reason I love this single! Also HWGA is m favourite album of all time EVER!!!
So in the first photo (3rd picture) you can see a list, this is all of Demi HWGA tours shows and dates which I thought was pretty cool thing to have in a single! If I had ever been so luckily to see Demi in concert, I would love to have a single that showed the tour date/ the concert I went too haha

So I think that's everything! If you have any question about this single or any Demi merchandise tweet me at @StrongDLovatic or @DemiMerchandise 

PS I am not @StrongLovatic , that is another person and I have nothing to do with her! But She also has super cool merchandise so go look at her twitter anyway!

Stay Strong and Bye for now Grace

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Lovatic Heart Tattoo

    Quick twitter note: If you need to ask me a question about Merchandise or whatever and want a reply on twitter ASAP tweet me on my main/personal twitter @StrongDLovatic which I have my phone send me all tweets too so I will reply fast. As for @DemiMerchandise you can still tweet me on there but Im not really going on @DemiMerchandise as much so Im slow at replying.

If you have a Demi/ Lovatic tattoo I would Love to see it! tweet me at @DemiMerchandise or @StrongDLovatic :D

 So I know I have not done a post in months because I kind of gave up in this Demi blog but its now the summer holidays in NZ so I have heaps of time and thought Maybe I would start up again? Comment down below if you want to see more post because IDK anymore if anyone cares of whatever lol anyway I thought I would post a pic of the tattoo I got along time ago (Yes the one I talked about in my last blog post months ago.

So this is it I got it on Demi's birthday! It was really special because she was turning 20 on the 20th and then in 20 days I would have my 18th birthday! So 20years/ 20th /20days I just thought that was cool.
I got it behind my ear, just in a place were I can see it in the mirror I love it so much! The pic does not do it justice because It was hard to take a picture of behind my ear.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Demi's 20th Birthday Trends & Demi tattoo post

 Demi's 20th Birthday!!
For Demi's birthday a Lovatic came up with the Idea to get all the 10 twitter trends about Demi! I love this Idea & hope that It will work so If you have twitter please tweet these things on Demi's Birthday! x

Next week for Demi's Birthday! I'm so excited I'm getting a Lovatic Heart Tattoo behind my ear! To show how much she inspires me & I LOVE her. The ear because she a music artist and you listen to music in you ears (I know I could have said that better lol) Anyway Its super exciting because I will be getting it done on her birthday (US Time) and that will be the 20th and she will be turning 20 & I 20 days I will be turning 18! (Yup I'm 17 if you were wondering) So it will be like #20years #20th & #20Days
                                                              So anyway onto the post.

Demi Lovato Live CD & DVD Walmart Soundcheck

So as requested I am going to go though each of the cd I showed in my Demi CD collection post. I have a few up already if you go look at some of my older posts. But I thought I would take some pics of the Live Walmart soundcheck only available at walmart (I bought mine on amazon ages ago) but you can still buy it at wallmart if you want to get it. Not sure if you can still buy it online but I guessing you can. Its not to expensive and total worth it since you get a A dvd & cd of Demi Live and I just Love the cd cover & back. If you have any question about it just comment below or tweet me @DemiMerchandise :)  Oh & yes some of these pics do have effect on them If you wondering lol I really need to get a better camera then my ipod but the only camera I have sucks & I lost the cord to plug it in, So sorry about the quality of all my posts.

Top pics are like the cd booklet only 2 pages


Friday, 27 July 2012

Demi Lovato Merchandise For Less

                      Demi Lovato Merchandise For Less! Demi Photo Frames

So for those Lovatics out their with lots of pics of Demi but not very many poster, this ones for you.
I made this Demi collage out of magazine clippings.  So if you want to make ones of these all you will need is a photo frame and some pics of Demi. I absolutely love this one because it is inspirational and it has all my favourite pics of Demi, MC D Love, old Demi with black hair and of course Demi from the Skyscraper video which also happens to be one of my all time favourite pics of Demi. Then it had Demi Stay Strong tattoos and Love Is Louder then the pressure to be perfect. All together I think they look amazing specially since all the pics have blue in them, I would recommend trying to find pics with they same colours since photo frames generally aren't that big so you will only need a couple of pics. Also I love this one because it goes super well with the decor in my room.

Another pic of the Demi photo frame showing more of the photo frame lol

So here is another Demi photo frame I LOVE this one because It has Demi and dogs(not that I'm a big animal person, but its still cute). Oh and I LOVE this frame so much & the best part is that it coasted $4. Hence the Demi merchandise for less. So this was the only pic I could find that would fit the frame lol I went through like 500 pics of Demi so it was strange that I could only find this one but anyways It was good because I have 2 copy's of the People magazine that this came out of so I still have the whole article. :)

& Here are the two photo frames together. Ahh I Love them!
If you have any question just tweet me @DemiMerchandise

ps I live in New Zealand, so I didn't think there was any point telling you were I bought the frames but if you really want to know ( if you are a New Zealand Lovatic) tweet me @demiMerchandise

Stay Strong x
Demi Lovato exact Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs bag!

So Below is a candid of Demi out about in LA, in a car park. So why am I posting this pic well I thought I would talk about the bag Demi is wearing in this pic. So Yes I do own this bag that's in the pic and yes I do Love it.

Every day will be picture perfect when you carry the Marc by Marc Jacobs Preppy camera bag. Constructed of luxe buffalo leather, it features an exterior slip pocket and three interior slip and zip pockets for organizational ease.
Note: I did not write this it came off the website I bought it from.

So here is a pic off my bag.
So the second i Saw Demi wearing this bag, I just loved it. Then one day I was on Demi Style Source I came across this bag for sale on endless.com and when I saw that they ship to NZ, I just had to buy it. I mean It was a Demi exact that I could keep and use forever. I was even more happy when I saw how much she used it in 2011.
The brand is Marc By Marc Jacobs, as it says in the picture with New York below it.
So if you are wanting to buy this bag its called Marc by Marc Jacobs Preppy Leather Camera Bag, at a cost of $278 which is quite cheap as when it first came out (more then a yea ago) it was $375. Because this bag came out in Marc Jacobs collection awhile ago, the colour black is no longer available (online).
Here are so more pictures of Demi using the bag through 2011-2012

As you can see she uses this bag Allot! If you go look at the candids of Demi in 2011 you will see this is the bag she uses the most. You can see she has had this bag for a long time as her hair has changed colour in most of the pics.

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012
There are a lot more candids of Demi using this bag but I thought I would show these ones because you can see the bag really well.

So here is another picture of my mine with the Marc Jacobs pouch that the bag comes with to keep it clean. 
If you are wondering I did pay for this bag myself as I have a part time job
it is my first time buying something so expensive(I'm 17 lol) and I had to pay NZ
dollar for it.
So if you are wanting to buy this bag, here are some facts about it that come from the website I bought it off.

So here is a professionally taken pic of the Marc By Marc Jacobs Bag

So where can you buy this bag, Well Endless.com has this bag for sale (in the colour stone) and after doing some research I also found the Barneys New York also has the bag for sale for the same price of $278 on there website in the same colour. After searching I could not find it for sale anymore in the same colour as Demi's & mine (black) sorry. But as this bag is so cute anyways I think the sand colour is great as well.
So here are the facts about the bag.
  • Leather
  • Logoed lining (Which makes the bag look more expensive)

Item Details:
  • 6.25" high
  • 9.25" wide
  • 2.25" deep
  • 19.5" shoulder drop

  • Zipper closure
  • Strap is adjustable from a drop of 15.5'' to 23.5''

  • So here is one last pic of Demi with this bag :)
    If you have any Q just ask or if you want to see a pic of inside the handbag I would be happy to show you one. :)
    PS Don't You just love Demi's Style and If you want to know where you can find more of Demi's cloths go cheek out DemiStyleSource.com