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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

                    Demi Lovato UNBROKEN Deluxe Edition!

So I got this in the mail today! I have been wanting the Unbroken Deluxe Edition since Unbroken came out last year on the 19th of September ( It came out 2 days before the US in New Zealand) 

Unbroken Deluxe Edition is only available in Japan, so because of this it is very expensive and there are very few places to buy it. I know this CD has been out for awhile but I have been putting of buying it, in hope that the price would come down, But it never did. Last week I decided to finally get it. I bought it for $43US + plus shipping. To me this is very expensive especially since its in US dollars.

Just like most of the Demi's Japanese albums it comes with a Japanese album booklet ( In the above pic) which has a photocopied cover of the album in black & white, with a little message (above) to her fans. Just like the Don't Forget Japanese Import.

So what does Unbroken DE have that the normal CD does not have. Well first it has 2 extra songs Aftershock & Yes I Am. It has a DVD with the Skyscraper Music Video, the making of the Skyscraper music & the Unbroken photo shoot and a track by track talk though with Demi.
I was a little disappointment with the DVD as the whole thing was only 15min long.
As for the CD it self well It doesn't have to many difference other then the cover been the picture for the skyscraper music video. The DVD disk is a different colour to the original CD as it is a very dark brown with brown writing instead of the white writing (DVD is in the pic directly above).

So you can also buy Unbroken Japanese Import, which has the same cover as the Deluxe edition but without the the DVD. It still has the 2 extra songs and is a a bit cheaper then the Japanese Deluxe edition. So that always an option.

You can buy this CD/DVD on eBay ( sadly there is only 1 person who sells it on here) but he does worldwide shipping.
You can also buy it on Amazon from again 1 seller, but its a little more expensive so  if you can't find it on eBay, try amazon and yes this person also sells it worldwide.
You can also find the Unbroken Japanese Import on Ebay & Amazon too.


  1. for the unbroken deluxe edition, is it personally singed to you by demi? and if it is..how did u get her to personally sign it for you?

    1. haha nope it not personallyed singed by Demi, all the albums come with that little message :)