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Friday, 27 July 2012

Demi Lovato Merchandise For Less

                      Demi Lovato Merchandise For Less! Demi Photo Frames

So for those Lovatics out their with lots of pics of Demi but not very many poster, this ones for you.
I made this Demi collage out of magazine clippings.  So if you want to make ones of these all you will need is a photo frame and some pics of Demi. I absolutely love this one because it is inspirational and it has all my favourite pics of Demi, MC D Love, old Demi with black hair and of course Demi from the Skyscraper video which also happens to be one of my all time favourite pics of Demi. Then it had Demi Stay Strong tattoos and Love Is Louder then the pressure to be perfect. All together I think they look amazing specially since all the pics have blue in them, I would recommend trying to find pics with they same colours since photo frames generally aren't that big so you will only need a couple of pics. Also I love this one because it goes super well with the decor in my room.

Another pic of the Demi photo frame showing more of the photo frame lol

So here is another Demi photo frame I LOVE this one because It has Demi and dogs(not that I'm a big animal person, but its still cute). Oh and I LOVE this frame so much & the best part is that it coasted $4. Hence the Demi merchandise for less. So this was the only pic I could find that would fit the frame lol I went through like 500 pics of Demi so it was strange that I could only find this one but anyways It was good because I have 2 copy's of the People magazine that this came out of so I still have the whole article. :)

& Here are the two photo frames together. Ahh I Love them!
If you have any question just tweet me @DemiMerchandise

ps I live in New Zealand, so I didn't think there was any point telling you were I bought the frames but if you really want to know ( if you are a New Zealand Lovatic) tweet me @demiMerchandise

Stay Strong x

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