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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Rare Remember December Single By Demi Lovato
This is Demi's second single from Here We Go Again. This single was released in England as a promo for Demi.

Note: This single is no longer available (has not been for years) but someone asked me about on my instgram, so I thought I might as well post it on here because Demi looks so pretty on the cover :)

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Lovatic Pendent

Lovatic Pendent

Lovatic Pendent
This is a handmade necklace made in New Zealand  You can buy these necklace from my twitter friend @BlessedByDemi or you can go to her facebook page by typing in Lovatic pendents. She ships all other the world and makes so many of these in all different colours. They all come with a cute little pouch and a beaded chain.
Demi's family own quite a few of these necklace made by her. Just go look at Demi's mums twitter page to see her tweets about them @DiannaDeLaGarza :)

This is a black lovatic pendent with a sliver heart. I bought this on Trade Me which is a New Zealand eBay, because the maker lives in new zealander she sell a few on her, as well as on her facebook page.
The necklaces come with a nice beaded chain but I re-chained it with a silver long-ish metal chain.

So this is a white and Purple pendent ( just in case you can't tell the colour from the picture).
This necklace was given to me by @BlessedByDemi as a gift. So I'm very grateful for this one.
If you go look at Dianna DeLaGarza twitter you will see this is one of  the necklace from the picture she posted.

These pendents are just such a great way to show your support for Demi and I would highly recommend you get one they are so beautiful and well made by a amazing Lovatic.
Don't Forget CD By Demi Lovato

So this is my singed copy of Don't Forget which was hand singed by Demi with a sharpie. So its not a print.
As you can see, it has Demi signature in the middle, with the big D and Lovatic heart on the I.
I bought this CD of the Jonas Brother official website, So because of this I would think its real because it would be illegal for Disney to say it to singed by Demi when is wasn't.

So the reason I thought I would post this is because I think they still sell it on the Jonas Brother merchandise website, which you can find the link to on there main website. The best bit is that it does not cost that much, I think it was like $15 or something, which is so good for a hand singed CD, the reason I think it was so cheap is because they where massed singed by Demi years ago and have still not sold them all so the price has dropped, but I'm just guessing that's the reason. It might not be so if you know anything about why its so cheap or why they still sell them, then comment down below.  Not allot of people know you can buy signed Demi CD of the JB website, So I thought I would tell you how I found out about them. So I was on twitter and I came across someone I follow giving away Demi Cd's (these ones) as like a competition and to prov they where real she told me where she bought them and how they came from the official website. So that's where I bought mine.

BTW My twitter is @StongDLovatic so please go follow me and I'll follow back just ask. :)
Here We Go Again CD By Demi Lovato

So this is the Here We Go Again Japanese Import Edition. The difference between the usual Here We Go Again copy can be seen above. With the Pink and Black CD instead of the pink with a black heart or the black with a green heart depending on what kind of copy you have. But one of the biggest differences is the  picture behind the CD, The picture of Demi  has been replayed with the word Demi in her signature font. As for the Lyric booklet, it is the same but as you can see instead of the picture of Dems it been replaced with Demi Lovatic heart. Which I LOVE. The pink is such a nice colour and to add the album, the lyric booklet is made of a glossy paper instead of your normal album artwork paper. On the last page of the album artwork the heart is pink (as seen above) this pink is a different shade to the usual pink, not by much but still enough to notice.

So because this is the Japanese Edition, it comes with a Japanese lyric booklet. Which is like a photocopied lyric book obviously written in Japanese(below).
The cover of this Lyric booklet is in black and white. The 2 pics next to it are an advertisement in Japanese which comes with the CD and these are in colour but I turned them black and white for the photo. In case your wondering the rest of the album is in English, but on the cover of the album there is a little slip which you can take on and off that's in Japanese(first photo).
But what really makes this CD special is the extra videos on the CD. The extras include Here We Go Again music video, Here We Go Again live at Wembley Arena, Remember December Music Video and the making of Remember December music video. Plus Here We Go Again in ibiza remix.

As far as I'm aware this CD is no longer available as it was never sold in stores in US (I believe only in Japan and on amazon). Sadly it is out of stock on amazon and has been for years. (This is were I got my copy if you wondering). I have no idea if they still sell it in Japan as I live in New Zealand.
Anyways this is the Here We Go Again Japanese Import, its written in Japanese so I'm not exactly sure what its called but that's what I think it said on amazon.

Stay Strong
PS this is my favourite album Ever!!!!