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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Don't Forget Deluxe Edition

Don't Forget Deluxe edition digipak vs hard case 

So a lot of you will know the Don't Forget deluxe edition but what you might not know is that it comes in to cases. The common one is the the digipak, the one from the photo above,its the one were you cant crack the case which is good. My one is super old and the edges are a bit warn, in fact this was the first thing I ever bought online which is cool since i'm now a huge online shopper so thanks Demi for starting my online shopping obsession haha I got it from fishpond after spending ages trying to track it down I remember I was so excited and freaking out that I kind of over payed haha but fishpond is a New Zealand website that at the time was not that big so I was just happy to find it since I could not find it anywhere else. I think i payed like $40nz or something but it was so worth it since it was my first cd that was not one you could find in stores (well NZ stores anyway) 

So this is what the inside of the CDs looks like it has 2 extra songs, and DVD disc full with music videos, photo ect, the album booklet on the digipak has Demi wearing the gold glitter top and black pants where as the hard copy does not have this picture. Or this pic 

So I would chose the digipak over the hard copy so you can get those extra pics of Demi haha 
Anyway I really love the photo shoot for Don't Forget deluxe edition, like the whole cd is just amazingly done.

You can buy this on ebay and amazon and maybe even still in stores if you live in the US, I would highly recommend buying this CD even if you don't collect all of Demi cd's just the main ones I would add this to your collection as you can find it for a good price and its really is one the coolest looking albums like ever haha   

So this is the back of the two cds Left top is from the hard cover cd and the top right is from the digipak case the bottom left is digipak case and the right is the hard case ie the normal cd case. If you have any question on this Cd's just tweet me @StrongDLovatic 

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