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Monday, 15 July 2013


                                                     Demi CD & Review 

                                So most of you will already own this CD so theirs not much to see but I thought I would blog it anyway since I have the photo of the CD on my phone already and I need to do more blog posts. So because you would have seen this CD before I thought I would do a review.

Lets start with 10/10 stars! OMG this album is amazing, I LOVE all the songs on it truly. The beat to these songs just get stuck in your head and you just have to LOVE this album! Heart Attack has been playing on the radio in NZ and has had some great reviews and now Demi next single Made In The USA is playing on the radio. These are two amazing songs on the album. Warrior is another song which is said to be the sequels to Skyscraper and thats true. Its a beautiful song on the album, that just makes you feel... Strong.
 The album came out when I was going through a tough time with my mum being very sick and this song gave me so much strength not to let anything get to me or make me feel weak and it worked I didn't break or feel sorry for myself I Stayed Strong & listened to Demi. Anyway what I was saying is this song helped a lot and just makes the album.

As for some other favourite songs on the album. I LOVE Something that we're not and I hate you don't leave me, Which is a bonus on a target cd or somthing. Sadly it wasn't on the NZ version/you can't buy Demi with that extra song on it in NZ but I still LOVE that song!

Im so glad Demi helped write almost all the songs on the album! the music is better and more personal because of it.  All in all this is one of my top 5 favorite albums of all time! and is a tie between HWGA and  DEMI for which one I like more! SUCH GOOD MUSIC DEMI!

                                                So  here are the pics of the CD Demi by Demi Lovato.

The outside cover and inside cover. So you may see the silver sticker in the bottom right corner. I should have taken a closer picture hahha. but it says with the hits Heart Attack, MITUSA and Without the Love. We already knew that Heart Attack was a single and that Made in the USA was the next single but Without The Love I didn't know anything about. So maybe that't her 3rd single, otherwise why would they put that on the sticker. but I guess we will find out in the end what her third single is. but my moneys on Without The Love. 

These are some pics I took at work on a May the 9th (Thursday) a day before the album came out in New Zealand Stores and way before the US got it! YAY NZ! . If you were wondering I got to get it early because I work at a place that sells cd's and we always get stock like cd the day before they come out. but it wasn't that big a deal since Demi put all the songs online anyway haha. but talking about CD release dates, Selena Gomez Stars Dance album comes out this week! aka Thursday for me but Friday for the rest of NZ ( so excited :) ) 

oh and yes I GET Super EXCITED about the fact that CDs come out sooner in NZ then they do in the USA! actually NZ has an amazing track record for CDs coming out first! ie UNBROKEN came out in NZ before any other country! So THANKS universal music for the early releases on CD's. 

So thats the CD

Also if you haven't already noticed my camera quality has gotten better for blog posts since Im now taking pictures with an Iphone 5 not an ipod. So i'm considering re-taking pics of blog post that were kind of popular so they will be better quality since some of them are just crap pics lol :p . idk maybe.

                                                   Hopefully more Blog post soon. Bye 

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  1. I love this CD!!! I hope 'Without The Love' is next I love song that song!!