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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Lovatic Pendent

Lovatic Pendent

Lovatic Pendent
This is a handmade necklace made in New Zealand  You can buy these necklace from my twitter friend @BlessedByDemi or you can go to her facebook page by typing in Lovatic pendents. She ships all other the world and makes so many of these in all different colours. They all come with a cute little pouch and a beaded chain.
Demi's family own quite a few of these necklace made by her. Just go look at Demi's mums twitter page to see her tweets about them @DiannaDeLaGarza :)

This is a black lovatic pendent with a sliver heart. I bought this on Trade Me which is a New Zealand eBay, because the maker lives in new zealander she sell a few on her, as well as on her facebook page.
The necklaces come with a nice beaded chain but I re-chained it with a silver long-ish metal chain.

So this is a white and Purple pendent ( just in case you can't tell the colour from the picture).
This necklace was given to me by @BlessedByDemi as a gift. So I'm very grateful for this one.
If you go look at Dianna DeLaGarza twitter you will see this is one of  the necklace from the picture she posted.

These pendents are just such a great way to show your support for Demi and I would highly recommend you get one they are so beautiful and well made by a amazing Lovatic.

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