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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Don't Forget CD By Demi Lovato

So this is my singed copy of Don't Forget which was hand singed by Demi with a sharpie. So its not a print.
As you can see, it has Demi signature in the middle, with the big D and Lovatic heart on the I.
I bought this CD of the Jonas Brother official website, So because of this I would think its real because it would be illegal for Disney to say it to singed by Demi when is wasn't.

So the reason I thought I would post this is because I think they still sell it on the Jonas Brother merchandise website, which you can find the link to on there main website. The best bit is that it does not cost that much, I think it was like $15 or something, which is so good for a hand singed CD, the reason I think it was so cheap is because they where massed singed by Demi years ago and have still not sold them all so the price has dropped, but I'm just guessing that's the reason. It might not be so if you know anything about why its so cheap or why they still sell them, then comment down below.  Not allot of people know you can buy signed Demi CD of the JB website, So I thought I would tell you how I found out about them. So I was on twitter and I came across someone I follow giving away Demi Cd's (these ones) as like a competition and to prov they where real she told me where she bought them and how they came from the official website. So that's where I bought mine.

BTW My twitter is @StongDLovatic so please go follow me and I'll follow back just ask. :)

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