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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Here We Go Again CD By Demi Lovato

So this is the Here We Go Again Japanese Import Edition. The difference between the usual Here We Go Again copy can be seen above. With the Pink and Black CD instead of the pink with a black heart or the black with a green heart depending on what kind of copy you have. But one of the biggest differences is the  picture behind the CD, The picture of Demi  has been replayed with the word Demi in her signature font. As for the Lyric booklet, it is the same but as you can see instead of the picture of Dems it been replaced with Demi Lovatic heart. Which I LOVE. The pink is such a nice colour and to add the album, the lyric booklet is made of a glossy paper instead of your normal album artwork paper. On the last page of the album artwork the heart is pink (as seen above) this pink is a different shade to the usual pink, not by much but still enough to notice.

So because this is the Japanese Edition, it comes with a Japanese lyric booklet. Which is like a photocopied lyric book obviously written in Japanese(below).
The cover of this Lyric booklet is in black and white. The 2 pics next to it are an advertisement in Japanese which comes with the CD and these are in colour but I turned them black and white for the photo. In case your wondering the rest of the album is in English, but on the cover of the album there is a little slip which you can take on and off that's in Japanese(first photo).
But what really makes this CD special is the extra videos on the CD. The extras include Here We Go Again music video, Here We Go Again live at Wembley Arena, Remember December Music Video and the making of Remember December music video. Plus Here We Go Again in ibiza remix.

As far as I'm aware this CD is no longer available as it was never sold in stores in US (I believe only in Japan and on amazon). Sadly it is out of stock on amazon and has been for years. (This is were I got my copy if you wondering). I have no idea if they still sell it in Japan as I live in New Zealand.
Anyways this is the Here We Go Again Japanese Import, its written in Japanese so I'm not exactly sure what its called but that's what I think it said on amazon.

Stay Strong
PS this is my favourite album Ever!!!!


  1. Any idea how to know which is the pink one and which is the regular one? Thanks...

    1. By regular I meant the green one.

    2. Hi, yes there is the away to tell, the green one will have a green strip on the left side of the cd cover & this is the one you will find in stores.
      As for the pink & white HWGA cd, it looks the same as the Japanese Import Edition(the one above).
      The pink & white one (which is the exactly like the green one but with no green, just pink )
      this can also be found in stores and it will have a pink strip down it.
      As for the one above it can only be bought form 1 website online (if you want the link just ask) so thats a good way to tell them apart.
      So there are 3 types of HWGA all together.
      Sorry if this is long & confusing lol but I hope this answers you question. :)

    3. Apart from the label with (both) pink ones, is there any difference?

    4. The album booklet is the same but as you can see above the cd is a deferent colour and there are like 6 differences between the normall HWGA Plus extra songs and music videos

    5. So is it worth buying both because I just ordered the regular pink one :)

    6. Yes I would say this is the best version on Here We Go Again. BUT im pretty sure it is no longer for sale anywhere!

    7. I'm sorry, I'm a little confused. I have the normal green hwga, I just ordered the pink hwga and I should order the pink hwga Japan one? (if i find it) I'm sorry, I'm just a little confused. :p

    8. oh sorry for confusing you haha Yes I would order the Japan HWGA (if you want another copy of HWGA) its got a few difference but nothing major but its rare so it might be hard to find for a good price.

  2. thanks for the reply :)

    in short, i want to buy it from amazon, but i really want to get the green one, not the pink due to me being a guy and all, but who says a guy cant love demi? lol i actually saw a green one on ebay thats supposedly signed for $30, but i also saw your post about the signed don't forget for $15 and im wondering if i should actually take either one. i suppose i'll wait until ive saved a bit more and then decide. Great blog btw!

    1. thanks :) & chances are that it will be green. Also the pink one comes with 2 extra songs, so buy the one with only 14 songs & it will be green. and yes anyone girl or guy can love Demi, there r heaps of guy Lovatics on twitter :) Well I really think you should buy HWGA as its the most amazing album!( my favorite album ever)&
      Demi really does have the best voice ever!